MARKET SUMMARY: We are urgently seeking a decent 3 litre Bentley Speed Model for an overseas client. A replica Vanden Plas Sports would do very nicely. Do please let us know if you are minded to sell !

We are also seeking a numbers-matching 3 litre for a client wishing to participate in fast touring rallies. His ideal would be a 3/4.5 litre and he has put aside money for comprehensive rebuilding/upgrading.

We have just been asked to sell a truly magnificent Bentley Big Six formal Saloon, with division. This is a fabulous car in exceptional condition with lovely history. The present long-term owner is a most fastidious person. We can price the car in the region of 550,000, which includes our 5% commission. We will supply comprehensive further details to any potential buyer. Do let us know if such a car might fill the gap in your collection !

We wish all our customers a happy and successful 2018.