MARKET SUMMARY: We are pleased to report that we have just sold an original Vanden Plas 3 litre Bentley which has been in one ownership for nearly fifty years. We have two clients very keen to acquire a 3 litre or 3/4.5 litre and we should be delighted to hear from you if you are thinking of selling.

We have one client seeking an original bodied Vanden Plas 4.5 litre and a further client seeking a good Le Mans Replica 4.5 litre.

As most of you know, we offer a brokerage and consultancy service which is absolutely client-centred. We can normally provide a pedigree survey over the telephone which will help you to make an informed decision about your buying. We are rigorously logical about our price structuring and we can advise you about work that may need to be done to cars to bring them into prime order.

We are very happy to help with any of your needs